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Who We Are

We are a vibrant workshop and gallery which has expanded and developed over the years, establishing Jubilee Wharf on the artistic map of Cornwall. Run by Maya Ullman, the gallery is a platform for the makers working in the adjoining studio space to display and promote their work. Jewellery, Fine art, Prints, Photography and much more....
Come visit us and meet the makers.

Jubilee Wharf Gallery 1jpg.jpg


The front part of our workshop is the gallery area where we display and sell our handmade crafts, ethical jewellery, fine art, crystals and minerals. Everything on display is handcrafted by one of the gallery tenants. As well as what is on display we provide bespoke, personalised designs made to order.


We are part of the Jubilee Wharf creative community. Jubilee Wharf is an award winning, carbon neutral building, characterised by 4 wind turbines at it's front. It is nestled beside stunning views of the Penryn River and has a thriving hub of other studios, Muddy Beach cafe, a yoga hall and much more.

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Further in from the gallery you will find our individual work areas. We are busy bees manufacturing our handcrafted treasures, sharing a strong ethos of ethically sourced materials, recycled designs and sustainable making. When visiting us you get a 'behind the scenes' view of the making process; the sounds of hammering tools, smell of fresh paints, polishing machinery, lots of cups of tea and coffee, along with the famous cinnamon buns from our neighbouring cafe. Come and visit us for friendly chat.

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